Taylor Berenda

I recently graduated from Cleveland State University with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Urban Studies and currently working on my Masters of Public Administration. I am passionate about helping those around me. I became interested in prison reform throughout my college career & understand that everyone makes mistakes. I want to make Ohio Cure an organization that is known for helping those worth helping.

William Persinger
Vice President

I am a recently restored citizen, having earned my freedom in August of 2019. I'm a graduate of the Montgomery County Career Alliance Academy and former Sinclair Community College student. I am currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and plan to attend Wright State University in the fall of 2020.

I have a calling for the work that CURE is doing; it is my passion to give voice to the voiceless and I will always advocate for those who need someone. I'm looking forward to the work we at CURE are in the process of doing.

Paul Fitzpatrick
Presidential Advisor

I am a Cleveland native and Marine Corp. veteran who spent 18 ½ years in Ohio prisons and have over 20 years in recovery from both alcohol and drug addiction. I am a motivational speaker and currently the Doby Fellow for the Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance, coordinating youth outreach programming. I am an undergraduate at Cleveland State University, majoring in Economic Development.

Cynthia Williams
Director of Victim & Offender Advocacy

Cynthia Williams
Director of Victim & Offender Advocacy

Support Positions

Griffin Dolan

Enid Stouffer
Social Media Manager

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