Jay began preparing for success outside of prison when he went in; he did not sit around. During his incarceration, Jay learned braille transcription, was a presenter in the Dope is for Dopes school outreach program, put himself through a number of college courses and earned a degree in computer electronics, became a certified welder, and earned a his CDL. Once leaving prison, he used his experiences to better himself. Within less than 2 years, he now drives his own truck while supporting his family. He sets goals for himself; he motivates those around him to push themselves. Instead of looking at just today, he sees the potential of what could be.


Jay attributes part of his success to not allowing his brain to get distorted while in prison, keeping his family as most important, remaining busy with positive activities, thinking ahead, and importantly, putting pride aside. Although Jay made choices in his life that led him to incarceration, he believes that his sentence was a blessing and likely saved his life in the process.


- Jay Moore

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